Every desire is a doorway to the Infinite


What I am seeking for is to be one with the infinite, whether I am conscious of it or not. My longing for something is a reflection of my insatiable thirst, my search for the ultimate.

If I deeply understand this basic principle, that every desire which is fulfilled results in a sweet taste of my own blissful Self nature, I can be freed forever. What I am constantly seeking is not the joy of the object, but my own essential nature. My nature is ever so soft, blissful and satisfying. It’s a never ending source of bliss, which is always fresh and new. This is what I seek when I have a desire. Every desire leads to Me.

With this understanding, I can play with the world, and dance with my own desires. My happiness is no longer dependent on the successful outcome of my desire. I know for a fact, that when my desire is fulfilled, I enjoy the bliss of my own Self.

I bow down to you, my ever present, birthless, deathless friend.

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