You are That


All that I am seeking, I already am. This is the final insight after my search.

Wait a second, if I’m already that which I’m seeking, then why should I even bother to seek? That sounds like an excellent question.

Well, let’s take an analogy which might explain this. Let’s say you wake up one day from a dream and you start believing that you are a cow. You go around telling people that you are a cow. You are certain that you are a cow, and you are very upset by it. Your friends try and convince you that you are a human, but you do not listen to any reason.

This example above, is like the state of our spiritual ignorance. When did you stop being a human and become a cow? The fact is that you’ve always been a human. Due to some delusion, you have started to believe that you are a cow. If you stand in front of a clear mirror and notice your human body, you may have the insight that you are indeed a human. You may have to do that a few times to completely root out the idea that you are a cow. Then you have that aha moment where your delusion has completely been rooted out. But you also realize that you have always been human. The thought of the cow was just like a bad dream.

In the same way, we embark on the spiritual path so that we can clearly look at ourselves, just like you did in the mirror. Until we see ourselves clearly without any delusion, we will never know our true nature. This is the importance of the spiritual journey and why it is necessary. Until we have the direct experience of looking at ourselves, our delusion will continue to persist. We can intellectually convince ourselves of the final result – “I am That”, but until this is truly integrated into our minds through the practice of clearly seeing our true nature, it is nothing but another idea.

Why don’t we see ourselves clearly? That’s a topic for another blog post! 🙂

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