This world is vibration held together by thought


There comes a time in life when we start to ask ourselves some existential questions. Who am I? What is this world? All the answers we are seeking are within us. All we have to do is quieten our minds enough to be able to experientially answer our own questions.

What is this world?

We can all agree that a lot of things in this world are ideas that we’ve all agreed upon. Ideas of country, language, culture etc are ideas that a group of people believe in. The larger the number of people that believe in an idea, the more concrete and real it seems. This has been misused by governments and institutions for generations. To give you an example, racism only exists because a lot of energy is being spent daily in pushing forth the idea that one race is better than another. Tremendous amount of energy has also been spent in the other idea that all races are equal. The day everyone starts subscribing to the idea that all races are equal, is the day that racism will die. So you see all ideas exist in people’s minds which makes it a reality in our world. If it does not exist yet, it is not a reality. To give you another example, in the 1940s people all over the world believed that homosexuality was a punishable offence. This was because everyone believed and subscribed to this idea. It was only after the herculean effort starting in the 1970s, that homosexuality is getting accepted by the entire world.

If we understand this basic premise, we realize that this world is not as concrete as you think it is. We have quite an influence is shaping it. In fact you are constantly shaping it all the time with your own thoughts and ideas. If you were to die right now, the world would indeed change a bit.

To give you a metaphor – this world is like the surface of a lake. Our thoughts are like the ripples on the surface. Each ripple changes the pattern of the lake. The stronger the ripple, the more it can influence the other ripples. Every one of us is like a ripple creating a beautiful image on the surface of the lake.

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