Be a fit student and the teacher will appear


Being Woke

Being a seeker is a long and painful path, but it absolutely has an end. I say it is painful only because the path involves paying consistent attention to your own thoughts which reveals to us how crazy we all are. Shining the torch of awareness makes the unconscious, conscious. From the unconscious, we bring out a bunch of memories, experiences which are discomforting since we haven’t resolved them.

We’ve all had relationships where there have been misunderstandings which have led to the relationship getting strained. And I’ve been guilty of holding on to the past, and not letting go and forgiving the other person. Let’s do an exercise. Think of a relationship in your life which is strained. Picture you are holding a rope with this person which is stretched tight. I hope the image is vivid, I usually picture a bright orange nylon rope which is tightly stretched! Now let go of the rope. The act of you letting go of the rope, has completely removed the tension in the rope. It doesn’t matter if the other person has released the rope or not, but the moment you let go, the tension is gone in an instant. Just like the rope, let go of any tension that you’re holding onto with any other person. We have to look at every strained relationship and let go of our bondage one by one.

Hence, we have to be earnest and keep at it.  If you’re on the path long enough, sooner or later you realize that you are no longer “doing” yoga, the yoga is being done. We can’t help ourselves as our ability to stay identified as the Witness grows day by day. The world becomes a playground for us to break our attachments and dispel the ignorance in our minds.

The Guru Principle

Yoga has always stressed the importance of finding a teacher who can help you on your journey towards the Infinite. In Sanskrit, the translation of teacher is Guru, which literally means the dispeller of darkness. We all think that a teacher has to appear in a human form, but that’s not always the case. The Guru is a principle, not necessarily a person. According to the Guru principle,anything that can shine light in your mind and dispel the underlying confusion is a Guru. So a Guru could manifest as a life event, a hardship or just an ordinary human being. If we’re earnest in our practice, we realize that life will give us exactly what we need. Life presents to us situations which may seem difficult, and our natural instinct is to avoid the situation. But instead, if we allow ourselves to open up to it, by staying woke as f*ck, the habitual response of aversion is slowly burned away. We do this over and over again until we become neutral to the situation. And if you continue to be earnest in your seeking, the Guru principle may appear as a human teacher, who is a person who has actually walked the path and reached the end goal. If you still persist and are earnest, you may find that divine connection with your teacher where they can experientially show you the awakened state of mind. Oh, how lucky you would be if that were to happen to you!


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