Renounce. Realize. Revel.


The Story of the Wish Fulfilling Jewel

All that we are seeking is within us. In yoga, there is story about a jewel called  chintamani, which means the “wish fulfilling jewel”. Most people have a misunderstanding of what this really means. They think that once they find this jewel, all their desires will be fulfilled. While this may be true, this is only the partial truth.

To get a taste of the deeper meaning of this, let’s try to understand this together. Imagine you have a desire that you’ve had for some time. Finally after trying hard to fulfill it, the object of desire is in your hands. How do you think you would feel? Exhilarated? Happy? Joyful? Now imagine that feeling, and consider if you had the ability to feel that way without any object. This is what the jewel chintamani gives you, the ability to abide in your own Self, which is ever blissful, joyful and the source of all peace. The cosmic joke is that you’ve had this jewel all along! You were only looking for it outside yourself. It’s like the woman who thinks she’s lost her glasses, not realizing that it has been on her head this whole time. All she has to do is stop searching for it all over her apartment, and just look at her head.

So what do we have to do to find this jewel, chintamani? Renounce! Renounce what? All our attachments and aversions. These are the things that prevent us from seeing our true nature clearly, and causes us to look for happiness outside of us. It’s like trying to find a coin in a pool full of ripples. We can only do that if the surface of the water is calm. The moment it is calm, we can clearly see through the water and locate the coin in the pool. Similarly, once we Realize our true nature, which is ever blissful, joyful and content, we can Revel in our own nature. There is no other joy in this world other than the bliss of ourselves. Try to pay attention to your mind the next time you are enjoying a good meal, listening to your favorite song or making love. You will notice that in these moments, the sense of individuality is GONE, and the glory of your Self is revealed. The woman who can revel in her own Self nature has truly become free.

What can you offer this woman who has the chintamani? Literally, nothing! All her desires have come true 🙂

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