You are the sky of Awareness


You may have heard this analogy, but what does it really mean?

The sky is an interesting metaphor for our awareness because just like the sky, our awareness is actually limitless. How could this be true, you say? We are aware of objects that are billions of miles away! We are able to see stars in the sky which appear in our awareness. There are two ways to understand this phenomena – either we are looking at the stars billions of miles away, or the stars are actually just photons of light being sensed by our eyes and sent to our brain creating a picture. Either way, we are aware of the star which is far, far away.

So how far away does a star have after which our awareness of it will end? Is there a boundary where our awareness ends? Nope! If it appears in our awareness, we are aware of it! So there is no object outside our awareness! This is extremely fascinating if you think about it. The entire universe exists in awareness. Any part of the universe cannot be outside of awareness, because the moment you can say something is outside your awareness, that something is in your awareness.

So how does this help me in my life? People often think that they have awareness, but this is a limited understanding. You don’t have awareness, you are awareness! All objects appear in your awareness, including your own body and mind. So all thoughts, emotions, feelings etc appear in your awareness, just like clouds in the sky!

So to re-iterate the metaphor, you are the sky and the mind is like the weather! Sometimes the weather is nice and sunny, sometimes it’s gloomy, but it’s context is always in the sky!

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