Death happens only to the body

Talking about death is such a taboo in the modern society. Even though it is inevitable, we rarely talk about it, which I find strange and frankly absurd. In order to be prepared for any difficult situation we have to be well prepared. We have to be well versed in the subject so that there are no surprises when we get there. So why wouldn’t we apply the same logic to death as well? If you think about it, what can be more important than the preparation of death? Imagine how blissful your life will be if the mental load that we have for death can be lifted off? We want to master the art of dying so we can learn to live well!

A humble beginning

If we look back on our lives we see that we are no longer the infant that we were. Our bodies have changed significantly from an infant to a teen to an adult. We have different interests and hobbies. So you could say that our bodies has undergone death multiple times. Scientists say that every cell in our body is reborn every 7 years. So while our bodies have died, something has remained which hasn’t unchanged over time. This unchanging substratum has been witnessing all the changes occurring to our bodies. Im sure you’ve felt this way as well – as I kept growing older, I still had the feeling that I was young, and even though I’m in my thirties now, I still feel like I’m child, and there is something in me that feels timeless and ageless.

Once we tap into this timeless and ancient being, the fear of annihilation completely disappears. We see that the nature of the entire manifested universe has the same characteristic of birth, existence and death. If we look at our own experiences we see this characteristic everywhere. We are no longer the child we once were. We are no longer the hormonal teenager we were. Our thoughts and personality has undergone a change numerous times. We’ve probably changed our environments several times by relocating to different cities. So you could see the birth and death of the different parts of your lives. But there has always been something that’s been witnessing all of the changes around us. That ground of being, the context of it all is birth-less, changeless and deathless.

So the Real me was never really born in the first place. Only my physical and mental body changes, and eventually dies. So you see, there is nothing to fear. The practice is to let your mind tap into this eternal ground of being, and sooner or later you will see the unreality of your own mind. Then, and only then can you be free and fearless!

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